Container Parking Space



Size        : As per customer need

Feature : Durable

Usage    : Car parking

Material:metal sheet


Keeping in your mind that a container parking space is need to have some local authorities permission because this typical parking space will take 9 to 10 feet wide area, and the structure of the container can be easily fix in the permitted parking area, for mobilization of such parking container 12 to 14 feet wide area need to be free to place the container easily on the floor or on a steel structure

The Fabrication of Parking space container need to be fitted on a base frame, then pillars and support, then container paring space can be easily use.

For other sizes and other requirement, a complete detail of the container parking space must be share to customize the same. The permission and other requirements have to do before the installation

A container parking space will be less then any comparison parking shade. A safe and easy way to park your car inside


Blue, White